What it means?

Life. It happens when it happens. There’s no telling when it happens.
There’s no cue, no script, to preempt you when it decides to take action.
Life if needed to be described is best described as L-I-F-E.
Only ‘life’ has the capacity and idiosyncrasy to describe its own word.
You can’t explain those words with other words.
You have to feel it.
You have to go through it.
It’s not a word spelt easily.
Sometimes after having gone through life, and to spell it, you can’t help but to Sigh or to smile or even sometimes cry.
That’s what life does to a person.
It brings life to the person.
That’s what a person whether young or old, has in them.
Now as I spell it.
I feel that life had been amusing, disappointing and sometimes unbearable.
But to feel all these, has molded my life into the way it is.
Although differs with every individual , also has its commonground.
That is, none of us, without it, would be the person we are.
Without life, we would be empty mortal shells.
With no soul. With no emotions.
Just a hollow cast.
A hollow cause.
If you still wonder what is life, I suggest, take a deep breath, look around you, connect with those around you, and perhaps you will then understand life.
And the next time you see the word life, you will never feel that it’s just a word.
It’s more than a word.